YufuPhone it is a 2-in-1 app: international calling app + live translator app. 

Brilliant quality international calling at a lowest rate + live translator feature in one app. 
-    International calling (voip / wifi calling / 4G calling)
-    Cheap international calls worldwide 
-    Wifi international calling to any mobile and landline phone numbers
-    Cheap calls overseas (cheap roaming calls) & real phone number service
-    Live translator feature (real time human translation)
-    Live interpreter feature (real time human interpreting) 

International calling features: 

- International calling (voip / wifi calling / 4G calling)
- Cheap calls worldwide
- Cheap calls to any mobile and landline phone number
- Brilliant quality international calling wherever you call
- The cheapest rates for any kind of international calling service

Why choose the YufuPhone international calling app?

-    It is the only calling app, which shows the precise calling rate during connection.
-    It always shows your real phone number to the recipient during international calling. 
-    It guarantees the brilliant call quality wherever you call. 
-    No vanished credits - check detailed call report anytime you wish. 

Additional international calling features:

1)    Voip roaming calls – receive cheap calls when overseas even without wifi or 4G connection. Always be in touch and decrease outrageous roaming expenses. 
2)    Real phone number service – rent a real phone number in any country you need. Attract more customers from different parts of the globe and let them call you at a domestic calling rate, wherever you are. 

Live translator features: 

-    Translator and interpreter services over the phone 24/7.
-    Contact with any language interpreter directly whenever you need. 
-    Short text or photo live translation within a few minutes.

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