Develop a web service to find and provide translation services in China.


The result of our work was the information system Yufu.net. The platform unites translators of more than 15 different languages ​​and covers all the largest cities in China.

Features of the system:

- Searching for available translators to enter the desired city, language and language level

- a referral system for attracting new users, each translator can invite a user to work in the system and receive a percentage of his orders

- a system for generating invoices for payment, taking into account cross-rates, currencies and payment procedures

- Integration with WeChat is implemented

- Electronic document management system for the implementation of written translation

- personal account of the user with the history of orders, management of personal account, profile

- multi-level system for confirming the qualification of an interpreter with the definition of his level of language proficiency

- for the service developed a full billing system with integration with AliPay, PayPal and WeChat

- an order management system in the personal offices of translators

- quality control system for the work of all registered translators in the system

- system of internal chats for communication between users and their hired translators or technical support services

- system of feedback and ratings for each translator of the system

- geolocation service for the user's IP and automatic localization of the service in more than 8 languages ​​of the world

- The on-line consultant module developed on-site for the project

Technical means:

The site is designed as a Single Page Application on the EmberJS framework

To manage application containers, use the Docker

Used technology