A large-scale web service that unites customers and executors of the entire range of logistics services on their site.


Develop an information system that would become an effective working tool for every logistician, and ensured the convenience of placing an order and searching for performers by cargo owners.


TA-B2B is a web-service that currently has the widest functionality in the field of logistics sites:

- Authentication and authorization system on the site, with registration support by mobile phone number;

- the integrated system of autocomplete fields allows filling in details of the enterprise by TIN;

- convenient and fast search on the site of the placed announcements on various categories of logistical services from Avia transportation to the Rent of warehouses with the help of the system of filters adjusted individually for each section;

- the developed system of tenders allows online placement and tracking of the most profitable offers on lots, the tender system takes into account various types of payments, types of currencies and VAT rates;

- for realization of communication between users in the system, on-line chat systems and "questions-answers" modules are implemented to the announcement;

- the system of e-mail and sms notifications allows registered users to monitor their orders even when not in the office;

- The system of private offices of the companies allows to unite all employees in one company directly in the system and supervise the work of the whole department;

- The system of personal user cabinets allows you to view all ads and detailed information about a particular user;

- Convenient system of management of announcements allows to place in 2 cliques typical and repeated announcements;

- Intuitive design, informative icons and help system will help the user to understand the operation of the system;

- extensive directories of settlements and railways will allow the user to place an advertisement anywhere in the world;

- The website has a built-in referral system for the ability to receive remuneration for contracts entered into the system by the users you provide;

- the management system of the user's personal account: replenishment of the account (on-line generation of invoices and receipts for payment according to the requisites of the user or company), registration of applications for withdrawal of funds with account, history of operations on the personal account;

- Development of a multi-level forum for communication of registered participants in the system;

- system of search of registered participants of the system by name, e-mail or telephone;

- rating system of feedback of participants of the system about each other;

- for the purposes of SEO-optimization of the web-service, the dynamic formation of meta tags and declaration fields is implemented;

Technical means:

The site is designed as a Single Page Application on the EmberJS framework

To quickly search the database of ads and the base of cities and stations, the search engine ElasticSearch

Real-time messaging and notifications are implemented using the Websocket protocol

Used technology