Kvartiroom realty


Develop a web application for finding real estate options with an integrated CRM system.


The developed service is a EmberJS application, consisting of two main blocks:


- a panel of filters for the exact selection of the required option for the given parameters of the location, the number of rooms, the cost and many others.

- integration with map service from Yandex allows to display the found variants on a map with clustering them by regions.

- for each apartment an individual page is dynamically generated. On this page the user can get acquainted with detailed information about the apartment, view photos or contact the realtor who placed this offer through the feedback form.

- For each complex of new buildings, a separate landing page is generated in the system. On it, the user can get full information about the complex and contact the agency's specialist.

The widget "building" developed for the project allows you to select and view the layout of any vacant apartment in the houses of the residential complex.


CRM system:

- Developed a system of private offices for realtors with authentication and separate access.

- Every realtor can add and edit the offered real estate options, which will be assigned to him and receive applications directly from users on the system.

- With the help of the system of accounting and processing of calls and applications from the site, realtors can respond quickly to customer requests, and managers - track and analyze information about orders from the site.

Specifically for the web service, a set of tools for further SEO optimization was developed - dynamically generated header tags with the ability to fine-tune from the content management system and several solutions from the knowhow category.

Technical means:

The service is designed as a Single Page Application on the EmberJS framework

As a search service used ElasticSearch

High application download speed is provided by FastBoot technology for EmberJS

The projected service architecture assumes free scaling to an unlimited number of cities

The site implements adaptive layout with the help of the Semantic UI framework. As a result, with the application it is comfortable to work both from a computer and from any mobile device, without additional development of a separate mobile application.

Used technology