AngelHack Novosibirsk 2017

On this hackathon we decided that we will not come up with ideas that are breakthrough for humanity, from which in a day you can show only the name and barely living concept, and make the most ready product that would be useful to ourselves.

As a result, the choice was based on the development of the Telegram-bot for tracking the parcels of the Russian Post.
While the remaining 20 teams sawed their prototypes of geoinformation systems, augmented reality, we fought with SOAP from the Russian Post. And towards the late evening of Saturday the enemy was defeated.

The remaining half-day of Sunday we spent on work with the management of packages and the improvement of the interface and by the time the hackathon was finished, we had not received a concept, but a quite confident alpha version of the bot.
In this case the bot turned out to be unique among similar ones. In contrast to the offers of competitors, we have:
A. Management (creation / removal) of parcels directly from Telegram, without registering on the site
B. Detailed delivery history of the parcel
The result of our work you can evaluate yourself:
PS Our team is ready to solve any your task of developing Telegram bot of any complexity